Security doesn’t have to mean ugly

Giant gates, massive walls, big blinking lights: the scary presentation of a well-secured building hardly ever invites sighs of pleasure at its façade. But we also want to maintain security, even if we care a great deal about appearance. What we must realise is that beauty does not need to be defeated or undermined by security: whether we’re focused on cameras or vehicle barriers.

One of the most essential aspects of security, after all, is not being obvious about having security. You might want your cameras hidden, which means there’s no reason you can sneakily put them beneath beautiful curtains or in corners on mural-pasted walls.

Burglar bars might seem extreme but can be beautifully crafted, to suit your own style and aesthetic. Gates, too, can be designed in a way that is not only an obvious sign of security but one that is designed with you in mind as the owner, user and individual – literally and figuratively – behind the gate.

Also, security could be a reason to smarter about your house’s look.

Consider the benefits of a garden. Not only is a garden good in terms of health, well-being and helps teach us about discipline (if you don’t water, it will die), but it also serves as ready-made security. Bushes and trees mask the house, preventing potential thieves from spying it out and planning anything; rocks and tall branches become fences; rough sand and loud gravel can make traversel and sneaking difficult. Furthermore, lighting can look not only wonderful but can help add security too – by making, for example, the light motion-sensors.

Even if we can’t hide them, we can put them in places that mask them well – for example, there’s no reason why you can’t put motion sensors in corners, or high on walls.

There’s no reason security has to be a barrier to beauty and it need not smack us in the face with its existence. Indeed it can be complimentary and it can actually forced us to be a bit more creative than we otherwise would be.




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